What Can the L.O.V.E. Platform Achieve?

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The potentials, and aims of the L.O.V.E. platform, in a framework of moving from the industrial age socio-economic model to a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable information age model.

Humanity is in the process of moving from a ruinous Industrial Age socio-economic model (based on value from natural resources), to the potential of an Information Age model based on human value and creativity.  We need a global, unencumbered platform where everyone can be banked (have an account), means for earning from their time and creativity, and an integrated social networking system for sharing and communicating.  This potential is what L.O.V.E. can achieve.  It can be a portal for Peace! a "Peace Portal" to a better future for billions around the globe.

Take a moment to watch this short video we created back in 2011 to put the importance of an age change into perspective, and then we can continue, I promise you'll find this all somewhat enlightening, and worth the time.

Now, the Peace Portal Dot Mobi site is no more (sorry, it was one of the first .mobi's built for mobile phones - but you can venture through the wayback machine here and then click on the Library tab).  Peace Portal, back in 2009, was a bit before it's time for the technology needed, but L.O.V.E. has the potential to be that portal to peace, a portal to the information age.  Following is why.

Generally speaking, humanity claims to be “in” the Information Age, and for the most part it is true, but not completely.  We are still in the “transition” or pressurization period that comes just before a new age is born since ages are defined by their economic models.  The period we are experiencing today is a transition between the Industrial and Information Ages, between fiat and private (cryptos are one example) currencies, we can generally (socio-economically) call this period “Globalizaton.”

We will be fully immersed in the Information Age once there are global commerce spaces where everyone is treated equally, compensated equally (without harming the planet,) and can better his or her lives – starting with nothing but access.

What we lacked, until L.O.V.E., was an appropriate global law forum with a commercial model that can benefit everyone, including the poor to trade their way out of poverty, and which addresses our long-term environmental responsibilities. We need an Information Age economic (commercial) model that is globalized to the benefit of the individual (versus corporations) if we wish to complete the transition and thereby truly enter the Information Age.

Ages are defined by their commercial models, each Age is distinguished by 3 core-comprising elements of the commercial model, these are:  

1)     Governing Element (Who “enforces” the Rules and how? – Can we do it differently?) 

2)     Currency Type (Who’s money do we use? What is it? Can we use our own?)   

3)     Law Forum (Who “makes” the rules and laws to be enforced? Can we make our own?)

Together, these three elements create a unified or holistic socio-economic system called an “economic,” “commercial,” or “social” model.   The previous Agricultural and Industrial Ages models reflected the socio-economic structures of their places in man’s evolution, appropriate to their time periods.  Each had it's own money system, governing system, and limitations based on geography. As compared below, the new age of information will be truly something different.  Compare the ages, hopefully you will get the point.

 Agricultural AgeIndustrial AgeInformation Age
Government  or "Governing Body Politic"Monarchs ruled in one form or another until The Church (post 50 AD).Nation States provide infrastructure, and law forums for "citizens."  Corporations provide infrastructure.Sovereign Individuals will gain more control through market mechanisms as the "preferred customers" of Information Age platforms.
Currency  "Consideration Sets the Law Forum"Gold / Silver coins - Substance - Essentially a common global exchange system to hold and transfer "value." Backing for Industrial currency to come.  "Debt" money, fiat - Paper - Many competing currencies globally Provided via Nation States via loans from private corporations (such as the Federal Reserve) and which is inflatable at will.  Electronic "Credits", "Points" or currencies - earned in private P2P network communities based on affiliation. This places all, from 3rd to 1st world Users on a more level playing field. 
Law Forum  "Who's Law are you under?"

"Kings Law" and then Churches Law enforced on the people through Agents.

This is called Roman Civil law and is an extension of Roman Ecclesiastical Trust Law.

Nation State laws use an Admiralty Law forum to regulate inter-state and inter-personal commerce via the UCC, Treaties, and contracts. 

People relate to Nations as legal fictions called "citizens."

Private associations, corporations, and the like regulate private law forums for "commerce" in cyberspace based on the terms and conditions of the Association contract. Users join or create affinity communities as Sovereign Individuals where the law forum is private.
Commercial System  "Who is prejudiced - is it equal" "Cooperative or competitive" "What constitutes VALUE"

Exchange "Gold as value earned through use of skills.

Coin has intrinsic value.

Needy are supported by the Church or their Monarchs, if at all  Value comes from farming earth's resources in a generally sustainable fashion.  

Exchange Paper as a representation of some alleged Gold - NO Intrinsic Value. 

Needy are supported by the Welfare State Value comes from peoples labor to extract natural resources of oil, iron, ores, food, water, land, and individual labor.

Exchange of Credits earned in private law forums of cyber-space. 

Corporations and Individuals support Needy, welfare state continues eroding; public currency used in physical space along with private currencies.

Assets AreStationaryStationaryMobile

Before the nation‑state, it was difficult to count the number of sovereignties that existed in the world, each which issued it's own coins, because they overlapped in complex ways and many varied forms of organization exercised power. They will do so again in the Information Age.

One purpose of the L.O.V.E. App L.O.V.E. Points is to help direct this change towards something more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for the individual people of our planet. Let us all be recognized by each other as individual sovereigns who choose to interact privately, in a community that supports, peace, prosperity, happiness, and sustainability.  The platform is here, it is up to us to use it with the intent and purpose for which it was created,  if we do so then we can achieve the potential that L.O.V.E. is offering.  Wishing you all blessings of good health, long life, prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace.

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well laid out. I see signs of this in many different areas of life/society these days.

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A Dream Come true. Thank you.

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This is absolutely fantastic. We should feature this article in our newsletter cast brother Stephen. Thank you.