The World Standing Together (WST) Program was created in 2001, after 911, as America Standing Together. What we realized that day, America was more than a country. It was a vision of hope shared by humans worldwide. Even with all the issues we think we have internally, on 911 the planet stood as one and Americas woke up. There were no distractions, today our goals stay focused on humanity. World Standing Together has provided a special set of programs to support the system to all indigenous people worldwide. Join us in the journey as one people. To understand more visit:


Your Passion Your Dream

World Standing Together is here to make your visions, dreams and passions come true.

First, let's remove the debt and financial pressures.

Second, time to follow your heart and do what you always wanted to do.

Let, World Standing Together assist you in defining your dreams to create the support systems to ensure success. Bring your commitment to hard work and we coordinate the rest.

The power of Humans working together to build a better plan