Comfort Zone 1: Beach Time Peace

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Sometimes Creature comforts are necessary to retreat to in order to decompress from life's challenges. It refreshes, and brings the body, mind and spirit back into balance. I am creating these as an act of kindness so that those of whom need suggestions to decompress can use this ser

Water: The life flow of a woman's life and life of humankind and most of existence on mother earth.

It may be a public beach with a towel size space of temporary real estate,

a pool side moment with a friend or in one's backyard, cottage or a resort,

a lake side, with a canoe or laying down on the earth listening to the water, or place one's feet in the water,

a bath tub, jacuzzi/hot tub with candles, soft lighting, and peaceful music or with out music, 

it could be while reading a book and eating near the water, 

or using one's imagination to fill the senses of such a possibility for the body and mind to regenerate the soul and spirit in an experience of only 67 seconds of a moment of your time in a day. 

It is claimed that our body and mind is unable to tell the difference between an imagined experience to a tangible moment or event. Use it to your advantage as being creative and realize that imagination is a gift we have as humankind.


"Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you every where." 

-Albert Einstein