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L.O.V.E. Pod Global Encrypted Wi-Fi | Indiegogo

L.O.V.E. Pod Global Encrypted Wi-Fi | Indiegogo

World’s 1st Portable, Private, Mesh Global Hybrid Wi-Fi. Encrypted/Multi-Carrier/4G/SAT/U | Check out 'L.O.V.E. Pod Global Encrypted Wi-Fi' on Indiegogo.

Special Features of our new L.O.V.E. Pod!


Feature's of our new 2nd Generation L.O.V.E. Pod!


If you find a location where the Pod has slow or even no connectivity, please help us by reporting it at:

If you can provide longitude and latitude that is best (ping it on your phone), but even a zip code is helpful. The network is just starting and you should mainly have good signal, although some locations need strengthening and you can help by letting us know where that is. As more Pods are gotten out to people, the stronger the signal becomes for everyone.


Please input areas that are not getting signal, or list other issues so that we may update your areas with better service and support.

Can you Port a US, Canada, or Puerto Rico Zoom Number to use with your L.O.V.E. Pod? YES! Zoom can port phone numbers in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico!! Follow link below.

If someone's number is portable, this is a good first option...though you have to have a zoom phone license... Pro, Business, or Education account.
Its another option for people already using zoom!
Thank you to Moreah for this information.


Support for L.O.V.E. Pod users.